Pro World Studio


Graphic design

Visual communication to express a clear, effective and no ordinary message to the public.
Pro World Studio creates elements to form the identity of your company, giving a representation that corresponds to your objectives.
Our graphic projects, which include traditional and modern graphic styles, are thought to pursuit all kinds of goals, always facing the future being constantly updated about now trends.

Here's a list of every graphic design content provided by Pro World Studio:

Brand Design: creation of a mark and his essence

Corporate Identity: logo, business card, letterhead, flyer, depliant, brochure, advertising posters, catalogues.

Editorial design: digital and non digital layouts, illustrations, personalized covers.

Web Design: complete planning of a website layout.

Motion Graphic: animation graphics for videos with advertising purposes.

Photo editing: commercial, creative or fashion, photomontage.

Clothing graphic

Web design

Creation of every type of website, from one page to e-commerce.
Pro World Studio, after a market analysis according to company objectives, will program the website using programmation codes.
Layout, animations, graphics, contents and user surfing logics have the common goal to show products and company objectives.

Here's a list of every web design content provided by Pro World Studio:

SEO positioning: improving the visibility of the website through the correct use of the positioning algorithm to make your site more relevant during web researches through searching engines (such as Google, Bing. Yahoo).

Optimization for all devices: responsive websites for smartphones and tablets.

Report of website trends on search engines: using items like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.

Adwords campaigns: addition of advertising spaces and planning of key words to improve your own search engine positioning.

Security: crypting methods to protect your data.

Social network integration: your website will always be linked to every social network you need.

Management integration: the client can choose to manage the addition of contents on his own website or entrust the management to Pro World Studio.

Web hosting: Pro World Studio hosts the website on our own servers to improve the charging speed.

Test page: the client will have a “test page” to follow the work on his website in realtime.

Social Management

Take advantage of social networks for a modern and effective communication.

Pro World Studio's aim is to give maximum visibility to your company using the most modern communication systems.
Social media management is fundamental for the appearance of your company, to guarantee an advertising campaign that reaches the most of the people in a little amount of time.
Creation and publication of a post are the last floor of a rooftop built with data analysis, spending evaluation, insights data, study and comparison with competitors and constant update to guarantee a fresh communication style taking advantage of the continuous evolution of communication methods.

Here's a list of every social media management service provided by Pro World Studio:

Choice of a communicative style in agreement with your company propensity.

Management of main social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin.

Post planning.

Data analysis and comparison with competitors.

Management of sponsorship costs for social media marketing campaigns.

Constant update with service and client to re-calculate communication following the strongest trends.


Creation of customized mobile apps for Android and Apple stores.
Pro World Studio creates different types of app for every device (smartphone, tablet, Smart TV and Smart Watch).
Starting from a concept given by the client, our programmers build the structure using codes, completing the app with graphics and functions requested.
The goal is creating a customised product that could improve a determined stage of the supply chain and providing an advertising instrument that reaches the client in the palm of his hands.

Here's a list of types of Apps provided by Pro World Studio:

Customised apps following client requests.

E-commerce apps.

Virtual reality apps.

Apple Watch apps.

Apple tv apps.

Web apps.


Seizing the best moment or expressing creativity through eleaborate images.

The quality of an image can make a difference if it's used as a website content, in apps or social networks or if it's used to realise more complex graphic projects.

Pro World Studio thinks that photography is the desire of the discovery, the will to thrill.

Our professional photographers will do the best to seize the right moment, the right emotion.


Raise emotions in the viewers, choosing the right takes.

Pro World Studio manages every single detail to realise quality videos: equipments, tools, location, graphics, music and a talented team are the recipe for a complete videomaking.
Takes and editing always have two main goals: raise strong emotions and transmit a clear message to the selected target.

Here's a list of all types of Videos provided by Pro World Studio:


Promo and trailers.

Presentation videos to introduce your company or launch your product.

Advertising videos.

Viral videos for social networks.

Drone videos.

Live streaming.

On demand streaming.


Virtual and reality are now strictly connected.

Here's a list of 3D services provided by Pro World Studio:

3D rendering: computerized graphic that represents three dimentional objects.

VR – Virtual Reality: through some special devices we can reproduce 360° views and landscapes that you can explore.

Job simulator: reproduction of a working place through virtual reality where you can try certain movements and actions thanks to special devices.